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Winterthur Research Fellows



National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship

1 Award


Kirin Makker, Hobart and William Smith Colleges,  Architectural Studies Department, “The Myths of Main Street"



Dissertation Fellowships

3 awards


Amanda Casper, University of Delaware, Department of History, “Home Alteration in Industrial Philadelphia, 1865 to 1915"


John Murphy, Northwestern University, McIntire Department of Art History, “Comrades in Craft: Arts and Crafts Colonies in the United States, 1896-1916”


Erin Sweeney, University of California, Irvine, Department of English, “Dwelling in Possibility: Spatial Practice and Innovation in the Nineteenth-Century American Novel"



Short-term Fellowships

 21 awards


Michael Clapper, Franklin & Marshall College, Art and Art History Department, “Popular Art in America: Mass Reproduction and Middle-Class Taste"


William L. Coleman, University of California, Berkeley, History of Art Department, “Thomas Cole's Buildings: Architecture in Painting and Practice in the Early Republic" 


Erin Corrales-Diaz, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Department of Art History, “Remembering the Veteran: Disability, Trauma and the American Civil War, 1861-1915"


Laurel Daen, College of William and Mary, Department of History, “Civic Capacity and the Constitution of Disability in the Early American Republic" 


Alice Dolan, University of Hertfordshire, School of Humanities, "Linen and Human Life Cycles: Everyday Experience in England, c. 1680-1810"


Patricia Edmonson, The Cleveland Museum of Art, “Art & Industry: The Art-in-Trades Club of New York"


Rebecca Lee Fifield, The Metropoliltan Museum of Art, Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas, "Lately Imported: Dress and Self-Fashioning of Female Indentured and Enslaved Servants, 1750-1790" and "The American Institute of Conservation's Collection Care Network"


Javier Grossutti, University of Trieste, Department of Humanities, “The Herter Brothers Firm and the Introduction of Marble Mosaic in America"


Thomas A. Guiler, Syracuse University, Department of History, “the Handcrafted Utopia: Arts and Crafts Communities in America'as Progressive Era"


Mary Ann Haagen, Dartmouth College, Music Department, “The New Hampshire Shakers on Trial, 1848-1849"


Leonie Hannan, University College London, History Department, “Material Matters: The Early Modern Home as a Site for Scientific Enquiry"


Christine Henderson, University of Connecticut, English Department of Art History, “The American Literary Imagination & Worlds' Fairs: 1851-1909"


Martha LIbster, Governors State University, School of Nursing, “Near and Dear Sisters -- The Spirit of Nursing in Antebellum Shaker Communities" 


Christopher J. Lukasik, Purdue University, Department of English, “The Image in the Text"


Anna O. Marley, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Historical American Art, "American Impressionism and the Garden, 1889-1920"


Jeff Peachey, Independent Book Conservator, “In-board Bindings and the Beginning of Industrialized Bookbinding in America and England, 1800-1840"


M. Christina Roberts, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, “Plant to Print: Modern Methods for the Cultivation and Production of Natural Dyes"


Alexandra Socarides, University of Missouri, Department of English, “The Lyric Pose: Antebellum American Women's Poetry and the Problem of Recovery"


Rachel A. Snell, University of Maine, Department of History, “'Women's sphere is wherever she makes good': Domesticity and Anglo-American Women's Roles, 1790-1860"  


Kristina Taketomo, University of Pennsylvania, History Department, “Cold, White, and Clean: American Aesthetics and the Modern Refrigerator"


Eric WeichelQueen's University, Art History Department, “'Whether France Will Be Concerned in It or Not': Francophilia and Polyculturalism in the Visual and Material Culture of Eighteenth-Century British North America"

Winterthur Research Fellows



National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships

2 awards


John Lardas Modern, Franklin & Marshall College.  "Haunted Modernity: or, the Metaphysics of Secularism in Antebellum America"


Roderick McDonald, Rider University. “The Ethnography and Pornography of Slavery: Dr. Jonathan Troup’s Journal of Dominica, 1789-1791”


Dissertation Fellowships

2 awards


Jennifer Black, University of Southern California, “Branding Trust: Advertising, Legitimacy, and Trademarks in US Popular Culture, 1876-1930”


Jennifer Egloff, New York University, “Popular Numeracy in Early Modern England and British North America”


Short-term Fellowships

17 awards


Matthew Bailey, Washington University in St. Louis, “Materiality in American Painting”


Alice Barnaby, University of Exeter (UK), “Cultural Practices of Illumination, 1780-1840”


Christina Bisulca, University of Arizona, “Reconstructing a Lost N. C. Wyeth Illustration”


Michael Block, University of Southern California, “New England Merchants, the China Trade, and the Origins of California“


Jennifer Carlquist, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum Program, “The Antiquarian Career of J. A. Lloyd Hyde: Americana Business as Pleasure”


Laurie Churchman, University of Pennsylvania, “The Art and Craft of Sign Painting”


Robert P. Emlen, Brown University, “Picturing the Shakers: Illustrating Shaker Life in the Popular Press of Nineteenth-Century America”


Ernest Freeberg, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, “Incandescent America: A Cultural History of the Light Bulb”

Christian Goodwillie, Hamilton College Library, “Hancock Shaker Village Guidebook and Isaac Newton Young’s ‘Concise View’”


Margaret K. Hofer, The New-York Historical Society, “Silver at The New-York Historical Society”


Abigail Lundelius, University of South Carolina, “Shall We Gather at the Table?”


Aaron McCullough, Michigan State University, American Studies Program, “Masculine Interiors and Transnational Commodities, 1880-1920”


Tanya Pohrt, University of Delaware,  “Touring Pictures: The Exhibition of American History Paintings in the Early Republic”


Kate Smith, University of Warwick (UK), “Eighteenth-Century British Ceramics Industry – Ideas of Skill and Workmanship”


Arden Stern, University of California, Irvine, “Slanted, Shredded, and Simulated: A Cultural History of the Unruly Typeface”


Joseph Stubenrauch, University of Indiana, “Faith in Goods: Evangelicalism, Materiality, and Consumer Culture in Nineteenth-Century Britain”


Anne Verplanck, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg, “The Graphic Arts in Philadelphia, 1780-1880”


Winterthur Research Fellows



National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships

2 Awards


Martin Brückner, University of Delaware, “The Social Life of Maps in North America, 1690-1860” 


Chloe Wigston Smith, University of Georgia, “Practical Habits: Clothes, Gender, and the History of the Novel”



Dissertation Fellowships

3 awards


Arthur McLendon, University of Virginia, “Ye Living Building: Spirit, Space, and Ritual Encounter in Shaker Architecture”


Julia A. Sienkewicz, University of Illinois, “Citizenship by Design: the Creation of Identity through Art, Architecture and Landscape in the Early Republic”


Janneken Smucker, University of Delaware, “From Rags to Riches: Amish Quilts and the Crafting of Value”


Short-term Fellowships

20 awards


Anne Anderson, Exeter University, “'Chinamania': American Collectors of Antique Ceramics, c. 1880-1930"


Laura Beach, Independent Scholar,“A Genius for the True and the Beautiful: Merchant Visionaries who Bought, Sold, and Saved America’s Past”


George W. Boudreau, Penn State University, “The Surest Foundation of Happiness: ‘Useful Knowledge,’ the Enlightenment, and the Cultural Transformation of Philadelphia”


David Brown, The College of William and Mary, “Time, Space, and Movement: The Manor House and Gardens of Fairfield Plantation, Gloucester County, Virginia, 1694-1787”


Sarah Carter, Harvard University, “A Basket, A Needle, A Penknife: Object Lessons in Nineteenth-Century American Material and Visual Culture”


Elise Ciregna, University of Delaware, “Ornamental Marble in America, 1750-1880”


Mary Bryan Curd, Harrison Middleton University, “Facing Death: Portraits and Mourning Ritual in America, 1775-1850”


Catherine Holochwost, University of Delaware, “Landscape as Machine: Vision and Imagination in Nineteenth-Century American Painting”


Louisa Iarocci, University of Washington, “Spaces of Selling: the Commercial City, the Mercantile House and the Department Store”


Jeffrey Kaja, University of Michigan, “Transportation in Early Pennsylvania, 1675-1800”


Kimberly Kay Lamm, Pratt Institute, “Portraying, Displaying, and Disciplining the Girl in Nineteenth Century America”


Carol Matthews, United States Naval Academy, “From the Heart of Mother Ann: Philemon Stewart’s Search for Obedience”


Cynthia Patterson, University of South Florida-Lakeland, “Exclusively from Original Designs: The Philadelphia Pictorials and the Graphic Arts”


Charlotte Rodabaugh, West Virginia University, “Ambitious Brotherhood: Yankee Masculinity and the American Frontier”


Teagan Schweitzer, University of Pennsylvania, “Philadelphia Foodways ca.1750-1850: An Historical Archaeology of Cuisine”


Akiko Shimbo, Meiji Gakuin University, Tokyo, “Patterns and Identities: Furniture Makers, Consumers, and the Design Process in England and America, c1750-1850”


Nancy Siegel, Juniata College, “To Elevate the Mind: Female Instruction, Women Artists, and the Hudson River School”


Kelly Sisson, University of Michigan, “King Corn in American Culture, 1862-1936”


Kevin Sweeney, Amherst College, “Guns in Early American Cultures: The Use and Possession of Firearms in America, 1620-1820”


Megan Walsh, Temple University, “Inconspicuous Consumption: Objects, Publics, and Visible Patriotism in Early American Literature, 1771-1798”

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