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Off-Site Middle & High School Programs


Working in Early America

Grades 5–8

Using several objects and tools from our demonstration collection, students learn how skilled craftspeople—a potter, a tinsmith, and a tailor—met basic human needs in early America.

Program length: 45 minutes

Reinforces Delaware standards: Science 2; Economics 3; History 2; Visual Arts 4

Reinforces ELA Common Core Standards: RH6-8.1, RH6-8.4


There's History in Things

Grades 6–12

Objects can be primary sources! Students hone their analytical skills using a house inventory and artifacts from our demonstration collection to reveal evidence about people’s lives in early America.

Program length: 45 Minutes

Reinforces Delaware Standards: History 2; Visual Arts 4, 5

Reinforces ELA Common Core Standards: RH11-12.1

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