Horticulture Internships

Winterthur's Horticulture Internship Program provides a diverse and exciting experience for students in the fields of horticulture, plant science, arboriculture, ecology, and related disciplines.

Internships are offered in the fields of garden and estate maintenance, arboriculture, and natural lands management. Interns have the opportunity to participate in classes on subjects such as plant identification, IPM, irrigation, turf management, and plant records; they can attend lectures and field trips; and are given the chance to complete short-term projects. A limited amount of housing is available on-site at Winterthur.  March 1 deadline.

Types of Internship Positions

Garden/Estate Interns
As a Garden/Estate intern you will work alongside Winterthur's horticulture staff in different areas of the garden and estate during multi-week rotations. As part of their work experience, interns learn and practice sound horticultural techniques such as fertilizing, planting, pruning, snow removal, leaf removal, mowing, mulching, and trimming. Interns also learn about the design principles used in the creation and maintenance of Winterthur's naturalistic garden.

Arborist Intern
As an arborist intern you will assist Winterthur’s arborists in maintaining the health and vigor of the trees throughout the Winterthur Garden while learning arboricultural techniques. Interns have the opportunity to participate in all phases of tree care management, including ground and/or aerial pruning of trees.

Natural Lands Intern
Natural lands interns gain knowledge and hands-on-experience by working on environmental projects at Winterthur. Interns work with the horticulture staff responsible for implementing proper environmental management practices, explore new practices, and maintain outlying areas, including meadows, streams and ponds, and woodland areas.

General Information

Minimum Requirements
Detailed information about Winterthur’s specific internship requirements can be found on our paid internships page.

Position Duration
While many of our internships take place in the summer, there are also opportunities for extended internships. See paid internships link for current opportunities.

How to Apply
Please review the paid internships page which explains how to apply for our internship opportunities. Please include a copy of our Horticulture Internship Program Objectives Survey with your application.

Additional Information and Questions
Please direct your questions about our internship opportunities and the application to:

Janel Paonessa
Winterthur Museum & Country Estate
Winterthur, DE 19735
Phone: 302.888.4779
Fax: 302.888.4945

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