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Lindsy Parrott

Tiffany Glass Lecture Series



“Unimaginable Splendors of Color: Tiffany’s Opalescent Glass”

Wednesday, December 2

6:00 pm, Copeland

Louis C. Tiffany used colored glass as a painter uses pigments. This was a radical concept at the turn of the century. It broke with the centuries-old tradition of stained glass, where images were painted onto the surface of the glass. Tiffany and his artisans created "translucent pictures" using the color, texture, pattern, and opacity of the glass itself. In this illustrated lecture, Lindsy R. Parrott, director and curator, Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass, New York City, explores the history of Tiffany’s glass and highlights some of the special types of glass found in his celebrated windows and lamps. $5 per Member. $15 per nonmember. Students free with valid ID. Lecture admission includes admission to Yuletide Jazz & Wine  in the Galleries Reception Atrium on that evening. Register online or by calling 800.448.3883.

St. Marks Evangelical Lutheran Church, Baltimore

“Tiffany’s ‘Gospel of Good Taste’ and the Aesthetic Revolution in American Church Design, 1877–1932”

Wednesday, December 9

6:00 pm, Copeland Lecture Hall

From the 1870s to the 1930s, the Ecclesiastical Department of Tiffany Studios produced thousands of stained glass windows, mosaics, plaques, and pieces of liturgical furniture. The firm’s emergence onto the American decorative arts scene coincided with radical changes in American religious architecture. During the life of the studio, Americans constructed and renovated thousands of churches that were larger and more ornately furnished than they had ever been in a feverish pursuit of publicly performed good taste.

Louis Comfort Tiffany and his design staff were among the architects and interior designers who designed these buildings in a new aesthetic Probert calls “gilded religion.” Adopted primarily by Mainline Protestants, gilded religion was characterized by largeness in scale, intricacy in design, the use of saturated color, and a sense of permanence and interiority. Tiffany’s ecclesiastical furnishings characterize this movement at its most lavish and most expensive. The firm’s products—including some churches outfitted entirely by Tiffany—were expressions of a heady confidence in the economic power of the United States, in God’s favor upon the nation, and in Americans’ possession of taste that rivaled Europeans’. Join Josh Probert, Ph.D. and independent historical consultant, as he explores this connection between Tiffany Studios and American churches. $5 per Member. $15 per nonmember. Students free with valid ID. Lecture includes admission to Yuletide Jazz & Wine in the Galleries Reception Atrium on that evening. Register by calling 800.448.3883.



Additional Lectures

“Bringing the Magic of Christmas to Winterthur”

Friday, December 4

1:00 pm, Copeland Lecture Hall

Join us for a very special lecture as Curator of Education Deborah Harper takes you on a behind-the-scenes talk of all that’s involved in putting together Yuletide at Winterthur. Enjoy stunning images of Yuletides past, learn about traditions embraced by the H. F. du Pont family, and be inspired by the beauty of this year’s Yuletide Tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of the beloved dried-flower Christmas tree. Members free. Included with admission. Reservations suggested.

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