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Wednesdays at Winterthur


Join us at Winterthur's Brown Horticulture Learning Center for demonstrations, talks, and guided walks covering a wide range of gardening topics. These events begin at 11:30 am on Wednesdays from April to October (except August).  Included with all admission tickets, Members free.

Walks last 45-60 minutes.No reservations necessary. Dress for the weather and wear walking shoes.


April 2

Winterthur’s Champion Trees

Join senior garden guide Jeannette Lindvig for a walking and tram-riding tour. You will meet, in person, some of the First State’s biggest trees, including the state champion trees at Winterthur.

 April 9

Combat Gardening

Fighting nature in the garden can be difficult. Meet Debra Shedrick to hear about her experiences and remedies to ward off deer, bunnies, groundhogs, and other potential mishaps. Lois Lawton will also be here to provide advice on clay soils.

 April 16

What’s in Bloom: A Walk among the Best Spring Ephemerals

Enjoy an early spring day in the Azalea Woods. Susan Sibley, garden horticulturist, will be your guide as you witness the garden come to life with bluebells, trillium, and windflowers.

 April 23

The Sundial Garden – The Past Twenty Years

Jim Pirhalla will talk about the roughly twenty five years that followed the passing of H. F. du Pont in 1969. The Sundial Garden was the first garden area to undergo restoration. Now after twenty years, hear what elements have been restored and changed as well as what remains to be done.

 April 30

Enchanted Woods

Join garden guides Terry Colonna and Fair Bauernschmidt for a fascinating tour of Enchanted Woods. Learn how the design evolved, study the construction of each garden feature, identify the plant materials, and hear their related fairy folk lore.

 May 7

Plunging into the Past: Exploring the Historical Depths of the Reflecting Pool Area

See how well-known landscaper Marian C. Coffin’s friendship with H. F. du Pont influenced the design of the Reflecting Pool, East Terrace, and Glade Gardens. Sharon Reid’s lecture and tour will bring to light their intent. Photographs from the 1920s through the present will be a part of her talk.

 May 14


Explore the care and maintenance of Winterthur’s herbaceous and tree peonies. Take a walk through the Peony Garden and see the collection as well as some of A . P. Saunders hybrids. Michelle Stapleford, garden horticulturist, will be your guide.

 May 21

Native Plants and their Pollinators in the Natural Areas

University of Delaware Professor Doug Tallamy will discuss man’s relationship with nature. Long ago, they coexisted well, but today man’s “progress” has been at nature’s expense. He will discuss how this approach will soon change to a new strategy in which humans can coexist again with the natural world that supports them. Join William Ryan for a short walk into the garden to enhance your understanding.

 May 28

Broadleaf Evergreen Shrubs

Broadleaf evergreen shrubs are valuable plants in any garden, formal or informal. Some have flowers, but all will impart a feeling of solidity in every season. The various habits and leaf forms can be used to provide texture. Join garden guide Ed Stevenson for a walk in the garden to explore the different uses of broadleaf evergreens.

 June 4

Water Needs for Your Garden

Have you ever wondered what your plants need in the way of water? Marlin Dise will help you to recognize your plants' water needs, including how much and when to water. You will learn how to avoid overwatering and the correct time of day for water applications on container plants, lawns, shrubs, and trees.

 June 11

Controlling Weeds in Your Lawn

Hard to tell whether you have any grass in your lawn? Garden guide Ted Lewis will teach you what the effective control of lawn weeds requires. He will tell you how to evaluate the health and fertility of the soil, weed identification, controls, and best lawn management practices.

 June 18

Tools of The Trade: Climbing with Kevin

Have you ever wondered how those wacky arborists get so high in the trees here at Winterthur and what they are doing? Kevin Braun, Winterthur’s garden and estate arborist, will demonstrate techniques and talk about the different tools the arborist use.

 June 25

A Walk to Chandler Farm Road and Beyond

As you enter Azalea Woods have you ever wondered about the Chandler Farm Road and its history? Maggie Lidz, estate historian, will take us on a walk past the Joseph and William Chandler Farm area and to the outer edges of the property. Join her on what should be a beautiful and interesting lunchtime stroll.

 July 2

Hidden Treasures of the Winterthur Garden

The Winterthur Garden is ripe with detail yet many aspects get overlooked. Take a short walk with Carol Long through the garden and explore some of these gems.


 July 9

H. F. du Pont, Head Gardener and Chief Clerk of the Woods

Winterthur’s Visitor Center started its life with a different name assigned by H.F. du Pont, head gardener and clerk of the woods. How it came into being, as a result of Winterthur Museum's opening to the public in October 1951, is the subject of this talk by Charles Hummel, Curator Emeritus at Winterthur.

 July 16

The Reflecting Pool: Inside and Out

Did you ever wonder how deep Winterthur’s reflecting pool is? Why is it so dark? What are the plants growing in it? Wonder no more! Join Michele Christiano and Leigh Donnelly as they answer those questions and explain its history and maintenance.

 July 23

Putting Your Garden on Paper

Do you have a small area in your yard that you want to redesign? Maybe you need more privacy or your foundation planting needs help. Drawing a garden plan is really very easy. Amy Bloom-Mountz will show you how with a few measurements and a pencil and paper. It is easy to do and YOU can do it!

 July 30

Inside the Intern’s Garden

Please join Winterthur Horticulturist David Schurr as he welcomes the true movers and shakers of the Winterthur Garden: the summer garden interns. Hear first-hand accounts of what a summer is like living and working on an American treasure.

 September 3

Plant This Not That: Native Alternatives to Common Invasive Plants

It has been well documented that many plants commonly used in landscaping and gardens are non-native and invasive. They can cause a lot of detrimental effects to our fragile natural landscapes. Fear not! There are plenty of native plants that make great, and often better alternatives to these nasty invaders. Join our Natural Lands Technician Linda Rossell to find out which plants are risky, what damage they can cause, and what you can plant instead as well as where you can buy them.

 September 10

Late Summer in the Quarry

Enjoy summer’s last blooms with Garden Horticulturist Suzanne French. Join her for a walk to the Quarry where red, purple, white, and yellow flowers mingle beautifully in the bog.

 September 17

Identifying the Ten Most Common Trees

How would you like to know 97% of all trees you see? Join Chris Strand, director of estate and garden for a walk to learn how to identify 10 of the most common trees you see in our woodlands. He will cover basic identification and introduce resources for studying and learning trees.

 September 24

Fall Ferns at Winterthur

Ferns are a wonderful addition to the woodland garden, offering a variety of heights, textures, and colors. Join Linda Eirhart, director of horticulture and curator of plants, on a stroll to discover a dozen of our best.

 October 1

A Glimpse at Oak Hill Restoration

Join Horticulturist Jessica Tsakiris on a walk through Oak Hill as she describes its history, plants, and restoration process

October 8

Planting for Fall and Winter Interest

Winter winds will soon blow through our gardens. How might we use berries, bark, foliage, and flowers to enliven our landscapes? Consider stunning native plants, early-blooming bulbs, and ornamentals. Share your experiences and get new ideas while walking with Karen Steenhoek, assistant curator of garden interpretation as she takes us through the garden and introduces us to her favorite winter plants.

October 15

Landscape Management’s Impact on the Ecosystem

University of Delaware researchers will provide an update on the research done on both Winterthur's and nearby development Applecross's ecosystems. Learn how different landscapes provide varied ecosystems and how we can improve landscape installation and management for beauty and the environment.

 October 22

Winterizing your Tropical Plants

Join our garden guide, Mike Rausch, to learn the ins and outs of taking your tropical plants that have been sitting outside all summer, and bringing them indoors for the winter.

 October 29

Arranging with Dried Materials

Lois Lawton will use end-of- season plant material to add unique interest to your autumnal arrangements and displays by arranging with dried materials.


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