Paid Internship Positions

Winterthur offers a limited number of paid internships for undergraduates, recent graduates, and graduate students in art history/American decorative arts and horticulture.

The objective of the internship program is to offer practical training experience to individuals interested in pursuing careers in the arts, horticulture, or museum fields.  Interns work as part of a team and gain a broad understanding of how a particular department functions within the context of a major museum, library, and garden as well as specific skills related to a particular department's activities.
Internships may be paid or unpaid, but all internships provide students with a unique opportunity to participate in the ongoing work of the department, complete specific projects or portions of larger initiatives, and contribute to our mission.
The duration of an internship may be flexible and varies based on the position and/or need.

Unpaid internships may be available in the following departments: Curatorial, Education, Registration, Garden, Library/Archives, Conservation, Development, Special Events, Visitor Services, Finance, Facilities, and Information Technology.   Please visit our volunteer pages for more details.

Current Open Internship Positions

JOB TITLE:  Arborist Intern, full-time temp May-Aug 2015

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES:  Acquires, develops and applies fundamental arboricultural concepts and skills through his/her active participation with the Winterthur Arborist staff in various aspects of tree care and arboricultural practices throughout the Winterthur Estate, e.g., pruning, climbing and proper equipment usage.
JOB REQUIREMENTS:  Minimum education: Enrolled in an accredited arboriculture or has successfully completed related curriculum. Minimum knowledge/skills: Ability to express ideas clearly, orally and in writing. Ability to operate arboricultural hand and power equipment safely. Valid driverís license and acceptable driving record. Ability to execute oral and written directions. Basic knowledge of arboriculture terminology & practices. Minimum experience: 6 months educational and/or field experience in the study of arboriculture or related field.
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