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Winterthur's Licensed Architectural Element Partners

Courtesy of Wilmette Hardware

Al Bar-Wilmette

Al Bar-Wilmette Platers was founded in 1937 by two craftsmen as a high quality silversmith, repair, and restoration shop.  Since inception, quality craftsmanship has been at the forefront of their mission.  Over the past three years, the company used its combined talents to introduce a line of high-end entry hardware based on period designs and finishes, including designs found in trade catalogues housed in the Winterthur Library.

Winterthur licensee since 2008.   

Winterthur Design Associates




Courtesy of Connor Homes

Connor Homes

Connor Homes is a manufacturer of custom reproduction Early American Home packages, located in Middlebury Vermont. Since its founding in 1969, Connor homes has earned a national reputation for the design and manufacture of historic American architecture through a process it calls "Mill-Built Architecture." Under exclusive license from Winterthur, Connor Homes’ new line of historically authentic, architecturally detailed homes is inspired by designs in the museum's extensive archives and by architecture presently found on the Winterthur estate.

Winterthur licensee since 2010.

Courtesy of Heritage Metalworks

Heritage Metalworks

Heritage Metalworks focuses on the restoration and reproduction of architectural hardware, historical lighting, and decorative accessories. Their quality of work is such that examples of their Winterthur reproductions are used at the Winterthur estate when conditions prevent the originals from being on display. Their accurate, museum-quality reproductions of Winterthur lighting, hardware and garden ornament are available to the consumer as well.

Winterthur licensee since 2005.

To place order for Winterthur Licnesed products, call Winterthur Museum Store at 1.800.448.3883 x4709   


Courtesy of Hull Historical

Hull Historical

Hull Historical is an architectural millwork company specializing in the design and creation of historically accurate moldings, paneled walls, mantels, cabinetry, doors, and windows for custom homes.   Using only the highest quality woods, beautifully hand-carved with an emphasis on historical accuracy, Hull Historical’s millwork is precision architecture that is historically correct. Under exclusive license from Winterthur, Hull Historical recreates the unique, historic millwork found within Winterthur’s 175 rooms. 

Winterthur licensee since 2007.    

Winterthur Design Associates


A. Thayer Smith

Located in Downington, PA, A. Thayer Smith III inc. creates cast resin garden accessories and custom ornamental plaster. Combining traditional techniques and new technology, A. Thayer Smith III offers true reproductions in modern materials. Their licensed Winterthur garden accessories resemble the originals to such a degree that they have been used in Winterthur’s garden when the original pieces are too worn to be on display. 

Winterthur licensee since 2009.

To purchase Winterthur Licensed products, call Winterthur Museum store at 1.800.448.3883 x4709

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