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Stephanie Hill
Merchandise Manager, Museum Store 

Recently, I had the pleasure of touring the Winterthur garden with John Feliciani, who grew up at Winterthur. He told stories about the private golf course and tennis courts where Mr. du Pont entertained guests.  The tennis courts were located in the area currently known as the Sundial Garden.  Today, the Sundial Garden offers wonderful experience of a different kind and includes a striking sundial on a base to complement the April blooming trees and shrubs.  This sundial has been reproduced and would make a dramatic accent for your garden. 


Courtesy of Galison

Kris DeMesse
Licensed Products

Did you know that Winterthur's Licensed Partners use designs from the museum, garden and library to create products you can purchase for your home?  A window design is used for the door on a cabinet, a drawing in a trade catalogue reappears on a paper cocktail napkin or an old photograph of a house built in the 17th century is the inspiration for a home that fits today's lifestyle.  Have you ever thought of a design in a different way?  The possibilities are endless!  


Sandra Brown
Winterthur Interior Designer

When you want to transform a room inexpensively, simply change the color with paint.  It will create a completely different feel.  Jewel colors are warm and mysterious while soft blues and greens are tranquil.   Designers often mix their own paint colors to find just the perfect shade.  Did you know H.F. du Pont had the paint colors for many of the rooms of the museum specially formulated?  They were often created from paint chips scraped from the walls of historic houses.

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