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Instructions and Reminders for Tailgate Parking Space Holders



  • Loud music, generators, gas or open-flame grills, and beer kegs are prohibited. Be considerate of your neighbors. Do not erect umbrellas, flags, or banners that impede other guests’ views of the races.
  • Listen to the public address system for emergency and safety announcements.
  • Tailgate parking spaces will accommodate a vehicle no larger than 78.7” wide, 206” long and 77.8” high. SUVs and minivans are acceptable; full-size vans and commercial vehicles are not.
  • Act responsibly! Public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, substance abuse, and serving alcohol to minors WILL BE PROSECUTED!
  • The Designated Driver Tent will provide complimentary soft drinks to all registered designated drivers.


Tents and Other Canopy Coverings Rules:

Since this is a rain-or-shine event, we take great efforts to make this a safe environment for all guests. Therefore, we must request your cooperation and ask you to not install any type of covering—tent, awning, canopy, or large umbrella for the following reasons:

  • The event site can be extremely windy creating conditions unpredictable throughout the day.  Any object erected without proper staking through inspection may become a safety hazard;
  • Coverings obstruct the views of others and cause aesthetic and safety concerns; and
  • When such coverings are installed, they extend the designated allotment of the tailgate parking space causing an ingress and egress safety factor for you and the Delaware State Police in the event we need to get emergency equipment to an area.


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