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Winterthur offers privileges to our part-time and temporary staff. Many enjoy participating in our ongoing continuing education and family programs while others take delight in the discounts available at the shops and restaurant.

Competitive Pay
Learning Opportunities
Extended Hours to Access Gardens & Grounds
Flexible Schedule
Free Parking
Retirement Plan*
Service Recognition Programs
Free Guest Passes
Discounts in the Shops & Restaurant
*certain positions


Current Open Regular Part-time and Temporary Positions

JOB TITLE:  Museum Guide

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES:  The Guide will lead visitors through preselected museum rooms by providing hourly tours on the Introductory Tour; the Yuletide Tour and the Spring Tour. The guide conducts tours on specific stanchioned tour routes; interpreting the tour for the visitors to include Winterthur History, the duPont family and the collection. The guide is mindful of visitor safety and comfort as well as the safety of the collection. The guide is expected to work some monthly weekend days and occasional evenings as needed. The guide must participate in the initial two week training course and begin guiding within two weeks of completion. Job Responsibilities: Provide excellent understanding of the museum collection for the visitors by walking through and interpreting the various rooms during tours up to 1 hour at a time; ascending and descending up to 7 flights of stairs. More specifically, this includes leading 1 to 11 visitors at a time on elevators and through rooms with stanchions, relaying the history of Winterthur, the duPont family, discussing the various collection objects and their significance, hearing and answering questions about the history of the estate and the collections, and offering suggestions for other tours, the garden, and gallery exhibitions on the estate. Provide interpretation that suits various ages and knowledge levels of visitors. Able to maintain authority and appropriate control in ensuring that tours are completed in a timely manner. Able to safely direct visitors during an emergency evacuation. Ensure collection safety by requesting visitors stay with the group, not touching the objects and through observation. May occasionally be required to guide in the Winterthur Galleries or escort groups for special presentations in the house and galleries. Must provide monthly guiding availability to the Schedule Coordinator by requested due date. Availability required on 7 weekend days each month during April, May, and December; 5 weekend days each month duri
JOB REQUIREMENTS:  Minimum: High School Diploma with 5 yearsí experience or Bachelorís Degree with 1 year experience; Preferred: Bachelorís Degree; some teaching experience preferably in American History; decorative arts; fine arts. Must be able to guide visitors during hours scheduled and conduct up to 5 tours daily, as needed, spending interim time in continuing education pursuits. Must be able to ride elevators. Must be able to climb a staircase of 25 steps on each tour if needed. Must be able to maintain visual surveillance of objects and people while on tour. Must be able to speak and hear in a normal range. Must be available to work evenings and weekends as needed.
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